Why You Should Landscape this Fall

If someone asked you the best time to plant or landscape, you’d probably say spring or early summer. But that’s actually a common myth that we’re going to debunk! We believe in the power of autumn—a time for change and transition—and its ability to produce a wonderful environment to introduce new plants, trees, shrubs, even vegetables to your landscape design. Learn more about why autumn is the best time to re-think your landscaping.

Putting Down Roots

Planting in the fall allows for the greatest period of growth before the harsh conditions of a hot summer. When you choose to plant in the spring, your plants often go through a period of shock. They have to reacclimate, grow through the heat, and work double time to develop a strong root foundation and produce flower bulbs. When planted in the fall, however, trees and plants can put their energy into root growth instead of flowers or foliage, really establishing itself before the next season.

The Wetter the Better 

Fall is a great time to plant trees and plants because of the conditions of the soil. Plants thrive in this kind of weather as cooler temperatures and increased rain encourage root development and a strong foundation. They also require less watering because the fall months are typically wetter in general. So it’s a win-win situation for both you and your plants and trees.

P.S., these cooler conditions are also good for renovating turf and protecting your lawn from the freezing weather of winter. We strongly encourage aerating (link to blog) and you can learn more about that here.

Landscape this Fall with New Horizon

Most landscape renovations involve adding new trees, shrubs, and plants of all types, and we’re here to help your vision come to life! If you’re interested in creating a beautiful yard without putting in much effort to maintain it —wetter weather leads to less watering, and not being in the growing season means no fertilizer or general care-taking—then this autumn is a great time to complete your new landscape project. 

Seize the season and contact us today to discuss any ideas you have and let us assist you in giving your home some serious curb appeal.

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