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Happy October! Where all things are autumn-colored, pumpkin-flavored, and leaf-covered. Although watching the leaves turn, especially here in Michigan, is always a beautiful sight, the aftermath can be a bit of a hassle. Those golden, red-hued things of beauty will soon become brown, crunchy, and everywhere. Luckily, our specialty is leaf clean-up and maintenance!

At New Horizon, we offer thorough leaf clean-up, raking, gathering, and collection of leaves and debris in your yard. That lawn you (or we) worked so hard to keep looking clean cut and beautiful all summer will soon be taken over by leaves… so we’re here to help.

Why your lawn needs leaf cleanup

The main reason to remove leaves from your lawn is to keep it looking better than your neighbor’s. But there are plenty of other reasons to consider using a professional leaf removal service. Here are a few of the most important:

You need to let your lawn “breathe.” It’s a living organism, just like us! If your yard is covered in a thick layer of leaves, it’s probably not getting the nutrients it needs from sunlight. The leaf blockade also traps more moisture underneath causing the lawn to remain saturated for longer than normal, almost like the lawn has been overwatered.

A leaf layer is a breeding ground for pests and disease. If you leave your lawn covered in leaves, it can lead to things like pests making a home and even snow mold into the colder months.

The magical disappearing lawn. For your lawn’s first trick, it will need the help of a volunteer- the tree in your front yard. After shedding all of its leaves, and leaving them untouched on top of the lawn all winter, the lawn will… Voila! It’s gone without a trace, leaving a barren muddy slab of land behind. Covered by heavy amounts of leaves, your grass will die, and that doesn’t really feel like good magic to us.

We make leaf cleanup easy

Our comprehensive leaf cleanup service includes 2 visits, typically starting at the end of October, and we offer the service until the snow comes!

This keeps you from causing yourself serious injury and from spending your time off doing a chore that often seems endless. Grab the kids and head to the pumpkin patch or corn maze, enjoy that caramel apple, carve a pumpkin, and leave the leaf clean-up to us!

Save your lawn and your back this fall and give us a call for a free quote today.

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