What an odd summer so far to figure out irrigation schedules! This has been the first time we’ve had to deal with dry lawns so early in the summer. Normally July is when the challenges start. So we figured now would be a good time to give you some irrigation tips for the hot, dry months.

Water in the morning when it’s calmer and cooler. The rate of evaporation is less, allowing much of the water to be absorbed. This also limits the likelihood of mold and disease.

It’s important to monitor how much water your plants are receiving. Plants require less water than lawns, especially established plants. Learn how long you need to water your landscape beds so as not to drown your plants.

When you need to increase watering, it’s often better to increase duration over frequency. The goal of watering a lawn is to wet it thoroughly to a depth of 4-6″.

If you need help adjusting your irrigation timer, YouTube is a great resource for step-by-step instructional videos from several manufacturers.

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