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Protecting Yourself Doing Yard Work

Yard work can be a strenuous activity. Although here at New Horizon we like to think of it as fun (seriously, give us a call), it certainly requires some safety precautions if you want to do it right. Let’s talk protecting yourself while doing yard work. Prepare your body The first and most important is […]

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

As the days cool down, the importance of knowing how to properly take care of your lawn heats up! There are several things you can do to “winterize” your lawn, ensuring that by the time the snow melts and the leaves return, your yard is lush, green, and strong.  From leaf cleanup to fertilization, your […]

Plants to Avoid

Whether it’s flowers, berries, or vibrant, multi-colored leaves, plants can be beautiful additions to your home and landscaping. Even so, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of which plants can be dangerous to you, your children, or your pets. And that goes for both indoors and outdoors! Let’s take a look at some of […]

Leaf Cleanup with New Horizon

Happy October! Where all things are autumn-colored, pumpkin-flavored, and leaf-covered. Although watching the leaves turn, especially here in Michigan, is always a beautiful sight, the aftermath can be a bit of a hassle. Those golden, red-hued things of beauty will soon become brown, crunchy, and everywhere. Luckily, our specialty is leaf clean-up and maintenance! At […]