Mid to Late June is the Best Time to Apply Grub Control

Let’s talk grubs. More importantly, grub control.

Insect control is important to maintaining a healthy lawn, and grubs are often one of the culprits of damaged lawns. Grubs eat organic matter in soil, often times including the roots of grass, destroying lawns and ruining your fresh, green yard. Those brown patches? Often the result of damage from grubs. When critters of every kind can make their way into your soil, it’s important to be prepared!

Are grubs ruining your lawn? Here’s what to look for.

As root feeders, the grubs live underground. If you can pull back on patches of your lawn and watch them lift, you probably have grubs. If birds and small animals like raccoons seem to be feeding or fascinated with your yard, the grubs are here. As if those grubs aren’t enough, you have other animals trying to get under your lawn to eat them. Luckily, there are ways to keep them at bay.

Be proactive. Grub control to the rescue.

At New Horizon, we use a proactive grub control that helps prevent grubs from finding a home in your lawn. Preventative is the way to go when it comes to controlling grubs. That’s why mid to late June is the best time to treat your lawn! This treatment works as insurance against the damaging pests and keeps your lawn from turning brown and dry.

Here are a couple other things to keep in mind if your lawn seems to really attract grubs.

Overseed. In the springtime, you can overseed, as lush, thick lawns tend to discourage beetles from sticking around.

Water deep and infrequently. Deeper level watering that happens over a spread out period of time helps keep grubs away as grubs tend to like moist, sparse grass.

Get grub control for your lawn, call us today!

Grubs hatch in the summertime, so it’s best to do this treatment during round 3 of our lawn care program, starting June 27 for irrigated lawns. If you’d like an estimate for grub prevention, please call us at 269-558-8122 or contact us on our website.

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