Mulch and Commercial Landscaping

If Trees & Gardens Could Talk, They’d Say: Thank You Very Mulch!

If we told you there was an easy way to:

  • Control weed growth
  • Improve the quality of your soil
  • Keep roots of trees and plants moist
  • Insulate plants from heat and cold
  • Improve soil for future growth

Would you want to know what it is?

We thought so. It’s Mulch! When it comes to lawns and landscaping, there are super simple things to do that help maintain that beautiful look for longer periods of time. More than that, there are some components of treating your lawn that can help you build a great growing environment.

Mulch, Ideal for Any Space. Commercial or Residential

Whether you’re a homeowner or maintain larger commercial grounds and spaces, mulch can work wonders to make maintenance that much easier.  First, mulch keeps grounds looking neat, clean and prevents weeds from growing in larger areas. Can you say low maintenance?

Adding mulch around flower beds, trees and garden areas creates a better growing environment  – like we said above it can help these areas retain more water, which means less watering!

Mulch. More than Just Good Looks.

We know, to most people mulch is mulch. But to us, it’s a great addition to any landscape. It’s aesthetically pleasing and serves several purposes.  Let us help you reduce some of your lawn maintenance costs – less watering, less weeding, better growth… just add mulch.

We Deliver.

If you’d like mulch delivered and applied (installed?) to your landscape, give us a call at 269-558-8122 or contact us today.  We’ll provide a free estimate and schedule your delivery quickly. Different colors are available, too!

5 replies
  1. Ron Booker
    Ron Booker says:

    I like that you said that mulch helps keep the ground looking great and prevents weed from growing. My dad likes keeping his lawn looking good, and he said he was going to need new ideas for his lawn. I’m going to let him know about hiring a professional to help him gather lawn ideas.

  2. Katie Withers
    Katie Withers says:

    I love that you can control weed growth when you get mulch because that’ll make gardening so much easier. I really hate weeding so that’ll be nice. Maybe I should also get a weed barrier to make sure it’s even better!


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