Mosquitoes, Ants, Fleas, Oh My!

We’re entering that time of year where pests seem almost inescapable. You’ve put the work into maintaining a beautiful lawn, you’ve put up the outdoor lights and purchased comfortable patio furniture, and you just want to enjoy an evening with friends and family. For mosquitoes, citronella doesn’t always cut it and the aftermath of sitting outside for even just several minutes is an itchy, swollen mess! Sometimes you welcome an invasion of ants to your home, and sometimes your furry friends draw fleas into your spaces. Luckily, New Horizon offers complete pest control services.

Protect Your Lawn with Pest Control from New Horizon

Make sure your family, of the human and fur kind, are safe and protected this summer with our Pest Control Lawn Care Services. This treatment helps reduce the risk of exposure to summer pests that can carry diseases, bite, and simply make your time spent outdoors less pleasant. You’ll enjoy having that barrier for your lawn, keeping pests away, eliminating any that have already made a home there, and control any others that may find their way to you or your guests.

Pest Control Applications for Home or Business

Whether you’re looking to treat your lawn at home or around your business, you want your outdoor green spaces to be comfortable and inviting and not plagued by pests—whether in the air, on the ground, or below it. New Horizon is ready to assist you with organic lawn optimization including ant control, grub control, mosquito spray, and flea and tick treatments.

Act Now! Request Your Quote

Make the most of the beautiful Michigan summers here in Southwest Michigan. Spend time outside – pest fee.  Call us today at 269-558-8122 for a free estimate or simply schedule your service today.

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