Wow! It’s our 10 year anniversary

We are thrilled to share that New Horizon Property Management and Gutters R Us are celebrating our 10th anniversary! (Even though New Horizon has been around a bit longer)

Gutters R Us

Gutters R Us is celebrating 10 years in business this month! We’re located at 112 S. Fountain Street in Marshall. 10 years ago we ran the business out of our garage with just Chad and Stephanie, and their fantastic cousin Phil Hanks. In November 2012, we purchased the building on Fountain Street and filled it up quickly.

  • We’ve been involved with lawn maintenance since 1993 and snow removal since 1995. The move into Marshall allowed us to grow that part of our business too.
  • In 2013 we began offering those services to all as New Horizon Property Management.
  • At this time, another valuable team member joined us, Teresa Christensen. In the near future, we plan to build a facility that will fit both businesses with ease!

Gutters R Us installs 5 and 6 inch K-style and half-round seamless gutters. They also install gutter covers and screens and offer gutter cleaning and repairs. Copper gutters are also available as well as rain chains and rain collection systems. A special thanks to Phil for 10 years of hard work with Gutters R Us!

New Horizon Property Management

This portion of our business offers lawn maintenance, fertilization, tick, flea & ant control, mosquito suppressant, landscaping, hardscapes, mulching, mole control, snow removal and salting.

A specialty of New Horizon is our optimized organic lawn care programs. We’ve been offering these for over 5 years now and our customers have really enjoyed great results without the use of so many harsh chemicals. Finding safer ways to operate is a passion of ours!

Serving Residential & Commercial Customers

We provide all services to residential and commercial customers. Thank you to our first-rate, excellent team, and our community for supporting us for so many years! For more information, please call 269-781-5935 or contact us here.

Pictured above:

Some of the excellent team members with Gutters R Us and New Horizon Property Management. L-R: Ed Guilford, Jim Taylor, Colter Bossel, Alex Loveless, Ray Moyer, Justin Krimmel, Kelsey Miltenberger, Andrew, Shaum, Mike Sayles, Eric Collier, Jerry Whitney, Chad Bischoff, Stephanie Bischoff, Cassandra Christensen, Teresa Christensen, Phil Hanks, Tom Bregg, Chaz Meredith, Mike Bidelman, Jacob Hart and Chris Johnston.

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