Our teams are un-be-LEAF-able!!

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As much as some of us don’t like to admit it, Fall is here and the leaves have turned, with trees taking on golden, amber and scarlet hues. As a Michigander, feasting your eyes on this seasonal beauty is quite euphoric…. That is until the leaves fall from the trees and the clean up begins!

Children get to experience one of Fall’s greatest joys, adults get to experience one of Fall’s most hated chores…raking leaves. UGHHH!

Raking leaves seems so pointless, right?! The constant bending and pulling, futile attempts to stay ahead of falling leaves, and the frustration as you watch leaves invade areas you just finished raking. Seems like a never-ending job, a thankless job, and it’s easy to see why most people just plain dread it. Whether from the trees above or the yard beside you, your lawn, shrubs and gardens will be swarmed with leaves. Choose to ignore them and your lawn suffers. Choose to rake them and your body suffers..!


Have no fear, New Horizon is here…. (yeah, we are like super heroes… to the rescue!)


  • Stop wasting precious hours raking leaves…hours that could be spent with your family.
  • Stop dealing with the aches and pains that always follow raking leaves.
  • Stop bending and pulling as you try to pluck stubborn leaves from your
  • shrubs, perennials, and fences by hand.
  • Stop stressing about making the call… Free Quote.

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