Mosquito Suppressant Control

Over the past several months, Zika virus has held a prominent place in the news, and it remains top of mind when it comes to health concerns in our country. At New Horizon Property Management, we feel the effect of these headlines directly. While no cases reported to date have originated from mosquitoes in the U.S., we’ve experienced the increase in public concern first hand as customers have reached out with questions.

While we aren’t experts in the medical field, or the virus itself, we are experts in mosquito control and strive to educate our customers and partners on both Zika virus and how to reduce mosquito activity. Like other mosquito-borne illnesses, the best defense against Zika transmission is avoiding mosquito bites. 

This year, mosquito control will be in higher demand than ever. We hope to become the solution our community needs by providing a service that will help you enjoy your backyard and also enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you are taking steps to protect your family.

Call today for help in controlling your mosquito population to make outside fun again!