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Black Ice 

5 tips for staying safe –

Black ice can’t always be seen or avoided so the next best thing to know is how to stay safe when driving across it. Keep these tips in mind if you find yourself on black ice this winter.

1. Go slow and steady
Your tires won’t stick at all like they do with snow. If you’re going too fast that will make it hard to stop. When you reach a patch of black ice, take your foot off the accelerator immediately. Keep your wheel straight but if you start to skid and have to turn, be sure to turn into the skid.

2. Avoid braking or pump brakes
When you approach black ice, let off the brake before your tires make contact. If you’re going too fast and need to brake a little, pump the brakes to avoid going into a full-on skid.

3. Know how to handle a skid
Gently turn into the skid while pumping the brakes to avoid overcorrecting. As the skid breaks, return the steering wheel to normal. Finish correcting once your tires get traction on the road.

4. Studded tires, snow chains, and four-wheel drive won’t help
While these three features can be helpful in heavy snow, they are almost useless on black ice. Black ice offers no traction, so don’t think you’re invincible with any of these snow tools.

5. Watch the temperature
Pay attention to the thermometer during the winter and if it drops to freezing, expect a chance of black ice. Having a winter emergency kit in your vehicle is a great idea.

Safe travels this winter!